Deep Sea Market

Deep Sea Market is a marketplace founded by long time veteran members of the dark web scene. They’ve built this Market with an aggressive look and user friendly design. Coding it from scratch with a very secure, stable and scalable language that allows for the best security and user experience.

Some features of the Deep Sea Market are:

Clean, well organized interface. Robust escrow system. Strong security features like 2FA/PGP (mandatory for vendors) and PGP encrypted messages between vendors/buyers and staff members. Anti-phishing displays secret phrase. Strong Anti-Flood Protection and Auto-Deploy system for mirrors to give 100% uptime. Scalable and user friendly forums. Feedback, trust score and vendor level systems derived and optimized from AlphaBay and other old marketplaces. Featured Products with an auction system to allow anyone to promote their products on Deep Sea Market’s homepage. No vendor fees for first months. Fast support tickets processing and dispute resolution. State of the art hot/cold wallet system with funds isolation and much more.

All Of The Links Are Verified By Us & We Guarantee Their Authenticity.

Параметр Значение Параметр Значение
Название проекта Deep Sea Market Дата создания 30.01.2020
Ссылка deepsea******ctk.onion Поддержка мультиподписи Нет
Проблемы с безопасностью Да Активные предупреждения Нет
Двойная аутентификация Да Раннее завершение Доступно
Комиссия до 2% Облигация продавца $150
Листинги 15 000 Pgp Да
Объем бизнеса Не доступно Статус Активно